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Cleanroom instruments

The MSL location is the Ångström cleanroom laboratory. This is divided into two sections, with different levels of environmental control, which basically correspond to the process and analysis laboratories respectively. A small fraction of the 2000 m² lab area is allocated for project specific activities, but the major part of the lab and equipment is available to internal and external MSL users.

The process laboratory is further divided into seven disciplines or process areas:

- wet chemistry with a number of clean and wet etch processes
- diffusion and ion implant for doping and high temperature growth or deposition processes
- lithography for mask making and pattern generation
- dry etch for material removal with excellent dimensional and profile control
- thin film processes for low temperature deposition
- backend and assembly for system integration
- metrology with a number of in-line inspection tools

The analysis laboratory offers a number of tools for:

- scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
- focused ion beam (FIB)
- transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
- X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
- surface structure analysis and optical microscopy
- sample preparation