Realize your nano vision

Myfab Access Application Form

Send your application to the Myfab director and attach a PDF document describing your project (max 3 pages). Please read the full description to see what to include in the project description.


It is recommended to discuss details of the project with the program manager before submitting a proposal, e.g. materials compatibility with the Myfab resources and estimated time-scale.

The project must be clearly described with its Main Idea; A relevant project title and description of type of device to be fabricated, resources to be used, scientific value, commercial value, etc

  • What is expected to be achieved at the project end.
  • A description of its long-term value for the applicant.
  • Former experience in Cleanroom processing fabrication, at MYFAB or other facilities.
  • Description of own resources to be used (manpower, skills, financing etc), and expected need of training, travels, accommodations
  • Tentative time schedule



Questions about the program should be directed to the Myfab director:

Thomas Swahn
+46 73-074 46 76‬