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Spin-off companies

Many people have started as students in the laboratories, continued in research and development projects, which have presented outstanding scientific results and eventually grown into small companies. At a more mature state, the companies have moved to their own, new, production facilities – specially designed for their processes – and giving room in our laboratories for the next generation of growing research and development activities. Here we present a brief list of spin-off companies from the Electrum Laboratory.

         Epiclarus (2012)
        Processes for advanced fotonics components
         Ascatron AB (2011)
        Pure play Epitaxy & Device SiC foundry
        Sold to II-VI Incorporated (2020)
       Merged with Coherent (2022)
         Nocilis Materials AB (2011)
        Epitaxial service of advanced Si-Ge-Sn-C alloys
         NanOsc (2007)
        Compact oscillators for telecommunication and other applications
         IRnova (2007)
        Imaging IR detectors with high detectivity and resolution
        Own lab space at Electrum lab from 2007
         Micro Delta T (2007)
        Nanostructured surfaces for enhanced heat transfer
         Scint-X (2006)
        Imaging x-ray detector with high sensitivity and resolution
        Moved to own premises ( 2011)
         TranSiC (2005)
        High power transistors in silicon carbide
        Sold to Fairchild Semiconductor (2011)
        Sold to On Semiconductor (2016)
         Replisaurus Technologies AB (2002)
        Electrochemical pattern replication
        Operation closed in 2011
         PhoXtal Communications AB (2002)
        Optoelectronics for telecommunication
         Advanced Microwave Device Solutions AB (2001)
        High power/high frequency transistors in silicon carbide
        Sold to Intrinsic Semiconductor in 2004
        Intrinsic sold to Cree Research in 2006
         Comlase NT AB (2001/2003)
        Pump lasers and coating technologies
        Operation closed
         Silex Microsystems AB (2000)
        Foundry for micromechanic devices for a wide range of applications
        Own lab space at Electrum lab from 2002
        Established at own fab in 2004.
         Optillion AB (1999)
        Optoelectronics for telecommunication
        Established at own fab.
        Operation closed in 2005
         Altitun AB (1997)
        Optoelectronics for telecommunication
        Sold to ADC for 872 MUSD in 2000
        Operation closed in 2003
        Technology transferred to Syntune AB (later bought by Finisar)


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