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Thermal processes

  Thermal Processes
Thermal processing includes a diversity of processes where high temperatures are used. Hence, annealing may be necessary to activate dopants after ion implantation or to alloy contacts after metal deposition, while treatment in a chemically active atmosphere is used to change the surface layer, e.g., by diffusion of dopants and thermal oxidation of a Si surface.
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(Extract from LIMS)
DetailsYes-ugnYESPolyimide Bake Oven YES-450PB8-2/6-2
DetailsPeoPEOPEO-603 Anneal furnace III/V (ramp)
DetailsBake 5MemmertU 26
DetailsActivatorCentrothermActivator 150 (SiC anneal)
DetailsT1-Oxide 1250CThermco5200
DetailsT2-Oxide 1250CThermco5200
DetailsT3-Gate oxThermco5200
DetailsRotating Tube FurnaceHeraeusthermicon P
DetailsVacuum Oven B&HBuch & HalmVacuceII
DetailsBox furnaceCARBOLITECWF 1200
DetailsAnnealer vacuum AlbanovaMoorfieldAnneal
DetailsAS-One RTPAnnealsysAS-One


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