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Epitaxy is the art of growing perfect crystals at a crystalline substrate, with nanometer precision in thicknesses and accurate composition control.

We have the capacity to grow

  • Si/SiGe on Si substrates
  • InGaAsP(N) on InP and GaAs substrates
  • AlGaAs on GaAs substrates
  • SiC on Si and SiC substrates
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(Extract from LIMS)
DetailsEpsilon2000 SiGe epitaxyASM200Si-epi
DetailsAsterixAixtron AIX 200/4Movpe
DetailsObelixAixtronLP-VPE 2106
DetailsNapoleonAixtronVP508GFR SiC epi
DetailsLPE 106LPEPE106
DetailsFrejAixtronFlip Top CCS MOVPE System



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