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Cleanroom laboratory

Today's experimental research in Materials Science demands highly controlled laboratory environment regarding temperature, humidity, vibrations and particle contamination. The need for controlled environment varies upon the nature of the research.

Uppsala University has built a state-of-the-art laboratory for scientists to use as a tool in their research on micromechanics, microelectronic devices and on new materials with new combinations of properties.

Technical data

The joint laboratory facility at the Ångström Laboratory is usually referred to as the cleanroom as its basic construction is that of a cleanroom. The total area of 2000 m² includes over 30 lab rooms with service corridors. The major part of the cleanroom is classified as 10 000 (particles > 0.5 µm per cubic foot air). 150 m² is constructed as a class 100 cleanroom with unidirectional airflow from the ceiling to the floor. It is possible to create smaller areas with an even higher degree of cleanliness such as class 10 or class 1.

The temperature is stable within +/-1 Celsius. The relative humidity is held constant at 45+/-3 % in one third of the cleanroom. The vibration-free foundation has a unique construction which has proven to be twice as good as specified, classed as BBN-E.