Realize your nano vision


Resources at your disposal

The Electrum Laboratory and Albanova Nanofabrication Facility maintain a multitude of capabilities covering most aspects of nano and microtechnology. In our flexible facilities both single samples and batches are equally welcome. We handle separate process steps to full sequences in fabrication and characterization. We offer access to sophisticated software for calculation and simulation. Our personnel are available to help you to master the wide world of nano and microtechnology.

Remote processing

Some of our tools and processes are well suited for, and in some cases only accessible through remote processing, where you simply place an order with the information and material we need to deliver according to your specifications.

Full process lines and characterization resources

At Electrum Laboratory we maintain full process lines for Silicon CMOS, MEMS and compound semiconductors, including GaAs, InP and SiC. We also offer access to a wide variety of techniques for characterization of materials and devices.
At Albanova Nanofabrication Facility you find Nanometer scale patterning and metrology for a wide variety of materials and substrate sizes.
We have tools for:


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